Apologies for the post-TAM darkness

I apologize for not posting the presentation from TAM as of yet.  It is underway, but it is taking some time to get all the screen shots processed and the transcript written.

I didn’t want to just post the slides without a transcript of the talk, because I don’t think you’d get a good sense of what I was talking about.  This is because the slides I used were my humble attempt to emulate the style of the great Lawrence Lessig, who uses minimal text on his slides to great effect.  Because the Sunday talks at TAM are limited to 20 minutes, I had rehearsed using just the slides several times to the point that I had the presentation memorized. So there were no notes that I could just clean up and post.

I expect to post the transcript some time this weekend, at which point we can discuss my talk in more detail.  Following that, I will post a series of more detailed posts that cover each of the techniques or tools mentioned in the talk.

Thank you for your patience.


3 thoughts on “Apologies for the post-TAM darkness

  1. dcolanduno

    It was a great presentation at TAM! I hope you are going to come to my track at Dragon*Con and maybe sit on a panel, or something. :)

  2. dcolanduno

    Actually, maybe you could do a version of your presentation from TAM for the Podcasting Track at Dragon*Con? Same idea, but to help the podcasting community. Worst case, I might be able to squeeze it into the Skeptrack. Another option would to maybe do it on the EFF track or one of the computer tracks? :)

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