What’s the harm in promoting your web site?

Somewhat by accident, February and March turned into a mini promotional tour for What’s The Harm?. I gave presentations in Atlanta, Boston and on the fourth JREF cruise off the coast of Mexico, and I was interviewed on the radio and for podcasts.

What's The Harm?

What brought all this on? Well, the website had just celebrated its first birthday in January, and I thought it was a good time to take stock and see how it did in its first year of existence. Plus the Atlanta Skepticamp was coming up so I needed something to talk about! So I put together a presentation, and then continued to adapt it as I gave each talk.

In Boston I gave the talk to the Boston Skeptics at their Skeptics in the Pub on February 23rd. On that same day I was also interviewed by Chuck Morse on WBNW 1120AM on “Talking with Chuck and Phil”. That was an interesting experience. The host claimed to be a skeptic, but by the end of the show had admitted to me that he had personally used several of the alternative medicine techniques featured on What’s The Harm? including colloidal silver and a Scientology “purification rundown.” The kicker at the end of the show was that he’s an evolution denier, but for political, not religious reasons. Overall he was a very friendly interviewer and easy to talk to, so I had fun doing it.

Tim Farley and James Randi on a panel on The Amazing Adventure 4

Tim Farley and James Randi on a panel on The Amazing Adventure 4, photo by Kevin Eldridge

On The Amaz!ng Adventure 4 (Chasing El Chupacabra) I was also invited to speak to a group of 40 or so skeptics while on a cruise. (I had already booked the cruise as a JREF supporter, don’t think that starting your own skeptic website gets you free cruises!) I also got to sit on a panel with The Amazing James Randi, as you can see from the photo at right. Like every JREF event, this was great fun and I’ve posted my photos from the trip online. (You can also see many other photos from the trip elsewhere online). If you missed this event, be sure to plan to attend TAM 7 this coming July. More on that later.

That was all the good news. The slight bad news that occurred in the middle of all this is I had a disk crash on my main laptop. Nothing absolutely crucial was lost, but I did lose some emails. If you sent submissions to What’s The Harm between February 7th and February 23rd, assume that its been lost and please resend. Thank you!

On a happier note, thanks to Maggie McFee (aka @tankgrrl on Twitter) in Boston, my presentation there was recorded for posterity. I’ve embedded it below so everyone can see it, or click through to watch it larger over on Vimeo.com. Just below the video are my slides from the cruise version of the presentation, you can manually follow along if you wish. (There’s one extra slide in the cruise version. Its number 15, a second screen shot of the website).