Apologies for lack of updates…

I have to apologize for followers of this blog for the lack of updates in recent months. I’ve had a fairly ridiculous (well for me, anyway) travel schedule over the past year as a result of a new job.

I try to post substantial essays and how-to guides, and not quickie news posts. The longer posts take time to research and write, hence the lack of them as I get busy. I will endeavor to change this in the near future, and post more often.

For those smaller news updates, see my Twitter which is embedded at right. In addition to skeptical news links, I post a Skeptic History item every day and other stuff that might go into a small blog post on other blogs.

For your convenience I mirror that content on Twitter, Facebook and FriendFeed. Pick it up on whichever service is most convenient for you.

I will be attending both The Amaz!ng Meeting 8 in Las Vegas and Dragon*Con (especially Skeptrack in Atlanta, so you should see some posts in the near future about both of those events.