TAM6 Video: Building Internet Tools for Skeptics

This blog started in 2008 based on a talk that I gave at The Amaz!ng Meeting #6 in Las Vegas. The James Randi Educational Foundation has now posted the official video of my talk online, here it is:

An expanded “blogified” version of this presentation, with clickable screen shots is also available. You might want to open that in another window while you watch this.

This talk was part of the Paper Presentations given on Sunday at each TAM. Anyone can submit a proposal for one. Seeing some ordinary skeptics give presentations at TAM5 as part of this is what sparked my interest in getting involved in skepticism. If you have an idea for a presentation like this, submit a proposal for one to JREF. The deadline is May 15.

The Amazing Meeting 9 is less than 90 days away: July 14-17, 2011 in Las Vegas.