Content Roundup: September 2011

Time for another monthly roundup – links to all the content I’ve been involved with in the last month. It includes this blog as well as the stuff I post on other blogs, my podcasting activities, my best posts on Twitter and so on.

So if you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to during September, here’s your handy way to catch up.

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I only blogged twice on Skeptools this month, but I did post some stuff elsewhere:


I contributed Skeptic History segments to two episodes of Skepticality this month:

I got several nice shout-outs from Susan Gerbic and Mark Edward on an episode of Rational Alchemy:

In case you haven’t noticed by now, Susan has really taken up the gauntlet of skeptical editing of Wikipedia which Daniel Loxton and I threw down a few years ago.

Social Media

I posted on Twitter:

  • 162 regular tweets, including:
    • 15 “What’s the harm in…?” stories
    • 31 Skeptic History facts
  • 125 replies to other Twitter posts

Here are highlights, the tweets that were retweeted the most. Folks were excited about Skeptrack when it started:

(The above and its clone the next day were retweeted about 23 times)

Good news about the vaccine clinic spread fast:

(Above was retweeted about 18 times)

A popular What’s The Harm item:

(Above was retweeted about 10 times)

An interesting article:

(Above was retweeted about 11 times)

Another What’s The Harm item:

(Above was retweeted about 10 times)

And another:

(Above was retweeted about 12 times)

To get these as I post them, you should follow me on Twitter here.

Crowdsourcing Contributions

Here were my contributions to various projects this month:

I contributed 16 edits to Wikipedia.

I rated 2 sites on Web of Trust.

I made 18 edits to the Skeptic History database. It now has 1,372 items.

I uploaded 1 video for Atlanta Skeptics (see blogging above).

That was a pretty good month, though I had hoped to blog a bit more often. More to come in October. I went through my ideas for blog posts the other day, and I’ve got plenty of good stuff to post.

2 thoughts on “Content Roundup: September 2011

  1. sgerbic

    I think this is your second month for putting your skeptical content in one monthly blog. I’m really enjoying how this is organized. I’m beginning to find myself on many sites and hope I will get so busy that like you I might have to do this. Thanks for showing the way.

    Also thanks for the mention.

  2. Tim Farley Post author

    No problem on the mention, thanks for the shout out!

    Yeah, I actually started losing track of my own posts sometimes, so in part I do these round-ups to leave myself a crumb trail. But it also has some nice search engine side-effects too. It’s important to cross-link skeptical content as much as possible to raise our visibility in Google and so on.

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