Virtual Skeptics webcast – August 15

Here’s the first edition of our new experiment, a live webcast with a panel of five skeptics – Virtual Skeptics.

The panel, from left to right:

We plan to continue with new episodes being webcast every Wednesday at 8 PM EDT (Midnight GMT).

Click through for the links from my stories.

Links for my stories:

Be sure to click “like” on the video. For show notes for the other panelists, see the full show notes on YouTube.

We welcome comments and suggestions, especially of stories to cover. We do hope to have guests on the panel in the future.

6 thoughts on “Virtual Skeptics webcast – August 15

  1. bradleyben

    Tuning in in the middle of this, what NPR story was being discussed? I presume this livecast thing can be replayed later on Youtube?

    You mentioned webcite (? I couldn’t find it) to semi-officially save a webpage’s state on the date and time you make the request. There’s also that you can search for older versions of a site, though it seems to only have copies of more popular sites. It DOES have a provision to save a current copy of a site, but from what I recall it saves it “soon,” not necessarily the same day as you submit the request. It might be interesting to try, to see what it does.

  2. Alareth

    Tim, I’ve spotted Mabus posting on usenet in sci.astro in the last few days. He’s going for broad spectrum spamming it seems.

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