#TAM2012 Video: You Are the Future of Skepticism on the Internet

The James Randi Educational Foundation has now posted the official video of my Amazing Meeting 2012 talk online, here it is:

There are several resources here on this blog to go with this talk, you may want to open them in another window while you watch:

Thanks again to James Randi and the JREF for giving me this opportunity. And thanks Geo for a fantastic intro!

15 thoughts on “#TAM2012 Video: You Are the Future of Skepticism on the Internet

  1. sgerbic

    Hey, I made it on this video. I’m the woohoo at the very end. Also I can hear my camera clicking there at the end too. A cameo appearance!

      1. sgerbic

        Yeah, I tried to shut up because I was right under the podium taking your picture at that time and didn’t want you to get distracted.

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  5. kethlak

    I was one of the people in the audience for this talk, and I remember when you said, “But Tim, I’m not a webmaster or I’m not a software developer, I don’t have the skills necessary to do those things!” my husband and I looked at each other, because I *am* a web developer and he’s a software developer, and it sounds like somebody somewhere might need our skills. Where are some places we can go to help out?

    1. Tim Farley Post author

      You know, I hadn’t thought about it before, but perhaps creating some sort of “skeptic service bureau” to connect folks with different skills to work on projects together might be a useful service…

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