Content Roundup for August 2012 – Dragon*Con

August didn’t offer much time to recover from The Amazing Meeting before we had to jump right into Dragon*Con. Phew, who has time to read blogs?

Here’s a way to catch up. Below are links to the content I’ve been involved with in the last month. It includes this blog as well as the material I post on other blogs, my podcasting activities, my best posts on Twitter as well as key shout-outs or mentions elsewhere.

In an effort to practice what I preach, I’m also trying to document on a monthly basis what my contributions are to several skeptic-relevant crowdsourcing projects.

Read on to see what you might have missed…


Here were my blog posts this month.

Mentions and links on other blogs:

Audio & Video

I contributed segments to these episodes of Skepticality and Virtual Skeptics:

On other podcasts or videos:

Social Media

I posted on Twitter:

  • 212 regular tweets, including:
    • 26 “What’s the harm in…?” stories
    • 31 daily skeptic history facts
    • 38 retweets of other people
  • Plus 163 replies to other Twitter posts for a total of 375 tweets

Here are highlights, the tweets that were retweeted the most.

(14 retweets, 2 favorites)

(16 retweets, 1 favorites)

(13 retweets, 2 favorites)

(26 retweets, 2 favorites)

(7 retweets, 7 favorites)

Thanks to Simon Singh for tweeting What’s the Harm:

(41 retweets, 11 favorites)

(10 retweets, 1 favorite)

(9 retweets, 2 favorites)

(13 retweets, 1 favorite)

As usual, Phil Plait knocked this one out of the park with this retweet of the above:

(32 retweets, 9 favorites)


This is now the third most retweeted item I’ve ever posted on Twitter according to

(69 retweets, 2 favorites)

(8 retweets, 2 favorites)

(9 retweets, 1 favorite)

Dammit, I misspelled Pamela Gay’s handle @starstryder. Oh well it’s the thought that counts, right?

(8 retweets, 4 favorites)

(9 retweets, 6 favorites)

(12 retweets, 3 favorites)

To get these as I post them, you should follow me on Twitter here.

Crowdsourcing Contributions

Here were my contributions to various projects this month:

I contributed nothing to Wikipedia.  I hang my head in shame.

I rated 19 sites on Web of Trust but left no site scorecard comments.

I made 4 edits to the Skeptic History database. It still has 1,423 items, same as last month.

I added 3 new rebuttals to RBUTR

I made 125 edits on Lanyrd, mostly Skeptrack stuff but also some remaining ‘coverage’ of TAM2012 such as videos.

And now I’m going to try to really rest!.

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