Morning Toolbox – October 15, 2012 – Ernst’s new blog; info on Twitter and Events

Morning Toolbox is a daily digest of interesting tools and techniques that skeptics can use online.

Edzard Ernst is has studied alternative medicine intensively for years, and so his brand new blog should be a must-subscribe for most skeptics.

Read on for more news of interest to skeptics working online…

YouTube is now factoring in the amount of time watched on videos in how they rank in searches. That means videos people click on and then stop quickly should rank lower.  Better hold your viewer’s attention – maybe lay off those 2 minute title sequences.

The excellent legal blog Popehat has an interesting lesson about Twitter hashtags – remember you don’t own them and therefore can’t control what other people post.

Meanwhile Beevolve has a fascinating collection of statistics about Twitter users.

Here’s an interesting feature on Wikipedia’s dark side.  But on a more positive note, Wikipedia has made arrangements with mobile phone vendors so that browsing the site is now completely free of charge for 230 million mobile users.

If you’re trying to crowdfund something, but can’t conform to the rules of Kickstarter (or its competitors) for some reason – check out Selfstarter. It’s a kit for rolling your own custom crowdfunding web site.

I’ve blogged about options for Internet access at events including TAM and Dragon*Con Skeptrack. FreedomPop is another nearly free 4G service – here’s a review.

If you’re trying to find an event to go to, there are various skeptic calendars out there. One of the best ones is maintained by the Skepchicks on Google Calendar. That’s a great way to manage the data, because people can subscribe it into their own calendars or even onto their phone. Now they’ve started doing blog posts to call attention to those great events as well. You can submit your own events to events -at-

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