Morning Toolbox – October 29, 2012 – Post-CSIcon Monday Blues

Morning Toolbox is a daily digest of interesting tools and techniques that skeptics can use online.

Would you say skeptics are “outgunned by well-funded adversaries when trying to correct false claims”? I would. Well TruthMarket is starting an Affinity Program for such groups. They’ll support your efforts, do press for you, etc. while you use TruthMarket to challenge falsehoods. Check out this PDF document explaining the program, which runs from November 1 to December 31.

Read on for more tools and ideas for skeptics working online…

CSICON is over and those who are not stuck in airports due to Hurricane Sandy have the post-skeptic-con blues this Monday. You can see photos and read coverage of the event here on Lanyrd.  If you are stuck in Sandy, here’s a resource list of tools to cope.

The Internet Archive is has assembled 80 terabytes of crawl data from March through December 2011 and is offering it to others for study. Perhaps someone could do a project to study the prevalence of each pseudoscience?

Here’s a Q&A with Google’s Matt Cutts about how to best use their new link disavowal tool. If you are a skeptic webmaster who has gotten an “unnatural links” warning from Google and are using this to fix it, contact me. I’d like to hear about your experience.

Mashable reviewed a new app to measure your psychic power but says it is a total waste of time.

Don’t forget you can vote in the Stitcher Podcast Awards once per day until November 5th.  Voting in another set of Podcast Awards opens on November 1st, and there are a number of skeptic favorites nominated there too.

Let’s have a good week….

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