Morning Toolbox – November 9, 2012 – Bond Friday

Morning Toolbox is a (nearly) daily digest of interesting tools and techniques that skeptics can use online.

I’ve written about and talked about TruthMarket several times over the last few weeks, I think it could be cool skeptic tool. You should check it out. They just announced Chris Mooney has joined the Board of Advisors, joining other familiar faces like Shawn Otto and Michael Shermer.

Read on for more tools and ideas for skeptics working online…

Ever post a YouTube and end up with a really poor thumbnail? It can be annoying. YouTube now allows regular users to upload a custom thumbnail to work around this, and here’s a how-to that goes through it for you.

The US is breathing a bit of a sigh of relief now that the election is over – in part because of the divisiveness that is so common. Researchers studying Wikipedia found that problem does not extend to editors on the project.

I’ve written about how the newspaper industry seems interested in building tools that skeptics might like. That has continued since I wrote that. Here’s an interesting piece from Nieman Lab about what newspapers are doing to lure developers into the newsroom to build these tools.

Creative Commons is collecting Open Educational Resources (OER) policies from around the world into a catalog. Since skeptics are about educating the public about science, we should be aware of ways CC and OER policies can encourage adoption of resources.

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