#TAM2012 Video: Skeptic Crowdsourcing Workshop

The James Randi Educational Foundation has posted video from the workshop I hosted at The Amazing Meeting (#TAM2012) last July.  Here it is:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOrkE-0yP8E]


Useful links from the workshop were previously posted.

You can also watch and read my plenary address (which covers some closely related topics) here on the blog. Other posts about TAM2012 are here as well.

Thank you to Derek Colanduno of Skepticality and Shane Greenup of RBUTR, both of whom you will see here presenting sections of the workshop.

This year’s Amazing Meeting 2013 will be held July 11 – 14, 2013 in Las Vegas.

2 thoughts on “#TAM2012 Video: Skeptic Crowdsourcing Workshop

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  2. Edwin Zimmerli (@sternbringer)

    Thankyou Tim for asking the audience several times to be honest in rating. Unfortunately there are too many fundamentalistic skeptics who don’t follow your call for fairness. They rated all of our websites in all four categories deepest red and they posted in 2 days 28 negative responses at amazon.de on our book. None of these raters has read the book! I’ts a clear act of revenge, since I insisted to correct some slanders they put on the web.
    I love physics, read hundreds of scientific books and articles. Since 15 years I’m a subscriber of the science magazine “Spektrum der Wissenschaft”. I also know probably all of the Randi videos and arguments. Nevertheless I do appreciate both: science and metaphysics, and I don’t see any advantage in sideness.
    Tim Farley, are you aware that anonymous cyber-terrorists use your teachings, to destroy the working years of other people just with a few clicks? What kind of help can you provide me?

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