The Ninjutsu of the Internet-Savvy Skeptic at #SkepTech

Last week I gave a presentation at Skep-Tech in Minneapolis. It was a first-year conference put on by the student groups from three different universities in the area. They chose to focus it on technology and skepticism – which is right up my alley. So of course I was excited to speak.

I chose to focus on how skeptics need to cultivate specialized skills and learn new tools in our battle against irrationality on the world wide web. I decided to use the concept of a ninja as my metaphor. The video has already been posted and you can watch below.

After the jump you can see the slides that I presented and a list of links to tools and websites that I mentioned in the talk.


Here are the slides I presented, you can follow along with the video or go through them separately.


My projects outside this blog:

Funding examples:

Spirit and Unarmed:


Arming yourself:

iPhone apps put skeptical experts in your pocket for those debates in the bar:

Other tools:

SEO and Meta-data:


For more ideas of things you can do, watch my talk from TAM last year.