Dennis Markuze (aka “David Mabus”) pleads guilty for the second time

Dennis MarkuzeEarlier today in Montreal, Dennis Markuze – better known to skeptics and atheists online by his online persona “David Mabus” – pled guilty to three counts including harassment, threatening a police officer, and breach of probation. The victim of harassment in this case was the author of this blog.

Paul Cherry in the Montreal Gazette was in court and has the full story:

Dennis Markuze, 43, a man who often uses the alias David Mabus when he makes threats, appeared before Quebec Court Judge Jean-Claude Boyer at the Montreal courthouse on Thursday where he entered a plea to three charges in all, including a breach of his probation.

The breach of probation charge was from his first guilty plea on May 22, 2012 and was what led us to campaign for his arrest the second time back in November 2012.  As my earlier blog post explained, the authorities were not supervising Markuze, and seemed unaware that he had resumed posting online in violation of his plea agreement.

The news article has more on Markuze’s mental state:

On Thursday, Markuze’s lawyer, Richard Bellefeuille, told Boyer that a psychiatrist who evaluated Markuze in February again attributed his actions to an abuse of cocaine and alcohol. The psychiatrist also noted that Markuze is being treated for a delusional disorder “which could explain his Internet activities.”

An expert at the Philippe Pinel Institute who examined Markuze earlier in the current case had determined that Markuze’s mental health problems could not be used as a defence if his case ever went to trial.

I had been told of the additional threats Markuze made at the time of his second arrest, but not their exact nature.  The article reveals that he told the police officer, “You bitch. The same thing will happen to you like what happened to the (World Trade Centre) twin towers in 9/11.”

As in previous stages of this long case (in which skeptic activists had to exhibit patience at every step) we will have to wait for a full resolution. Sentencing has been set for November 21 (six months from now) to give time for the Crown to verify that cocaine and alcohol abuse “are the only problems Markuze has.”

I sincerely hope that investigation will finally result in Markuze getting the treatment he clearly needs.

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      1. Dave Burke

        That was my understanding, however, our favourite crank seems to believe a deal is already done between prosecution and defence.




        for example. And apologies for that last, but it contains reference to Charlie Hebdo which means it was at least updated this month, if not entirely written this month.

        The guy seems to believe some definitive deal has been hacked out between his lawyers and the prosecution and the sentencing hearing is a rubber stamp exercise.

      2. Tim Farley Post author

        Thanks for the links, the prosecutor is definitely aware of his activities, I confirmed that by phone today. We shall see if this makes any difference at the hearing next week.

  5. Tim Farley Post author

    Yes, I’ve seen him do that a number of times – pretend to be a supporter or neutral party early in a thread, and then all but admit it was him. As far as I can tell he’s not under any “no internet” order right now, so as long as he doesn’t threaten anyone I don’t think he’s violating any rules right now. It was the threats that got him arrested, not the spamming.

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