Tim Farley’s #DragonCon 2014 Schedule

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Updated Aug 26: added Star Party links.

The US Labor Day holiday is next weekend, which means it is time for DragonCon!

Once again I will be attending and speaking on several panels on both the Skeptrack and the Electronic Frontiers tracks – all in the Hilton hotel. Prior to the main festivities, a satellite event (pun intended) that I’m also involved with is the Atlanta Star Party.

And of course I will be out and about with the other skeptics who are attending. Please be sure to come up and say hello! I promise I don’t bite.

DragonCon itself is gigantic and you’ll want to check the entire schedule for other cool things to see. Fortunately there’s an app for that. I highly recommend you log in there and start marking things you want to see. In addition to the mobile-ready web version at that link, there are apps for the major smartphones that you can download via a button on that page. In addition, the Skeptrack has its own page on Lanyrd here (with its own smartphone app and other features).

Coming up next week I’ll post my annual WiFi and Internet guide for the event. But for now, below is my schedule for DragonCon weekend.

If you are using the DragonCon smartphone app, links are provided to each session there – select the Actions tab and then Bookmark to add it to your own schedule. (You’ll need to log in to the app for it to remember your choices – and be sure to log in using the same account on your phone). Lanyrd links are also provided for the Skeptrack events. Except for the Star Party, all sessions are 1 hour.

Thursday, August 28

Atlanta Star Party

7:00 PM – Emory University – Math & Science Center, 400 Dowman Drive

Stargazing, food, drinks and conversations with astronomers… and as if that wasn’t enough, it’s for a great cause too! We are proud to present the 6th Annual Atlanta Star Party, an annual charity cocktail party, held the day before Dragon*Con. Speakers include Pamela Gay, Nicole Gugliucci and Derek Demeter. REGISTER HERE and use code KRELNIK2014 for $5 off! And be sure to check out the items in the silent auction.

I’ll be setting up a Virtual Star Party on Google Hangouts on Air starting around 10 pm Eastern U.S. time.  We’ll have several astronomers showing astrophotos and/or live telescope views and you can watch from your home or even from your mobile device.  Special guests here in Atlanta will also come on the broadcast and comment. Here’s the invite on Google Plus, you can respond there or add it to your calendar. Or if you hate Google Plus you can view directly on YouTube via this link.

Friday, August 29

Heartburn from Heartbleed

10:00 AM – Electronic Frontiers Track – Hilton 201

What the Heartbleed vulnerability is really about, how to defend against it, and how many web sites are still vulnerable. Additional Panelists: Keith Watson. DragonCon App Link

Saturday, August 30

Hacking 101

7:00 PM – Electronic Frontiers Track – Hilton Crystal Ballroom

Hacking culture, history, contacts, and resources and pointers for more information. Additional Panelists: Kurt Opsahl, emptyset, jonny X(Moderator). DragonCon App Link

Sunday, August 31

The ‘Right to be Forgotten’ Decision

10:00 AM – Electronic Frontiers Track – Hilton 201

The European Court of Justice ruled that Europeans have a “right to be forgotten” from search engines, with unintended consequences. Additional Panelists: Courtney Lytle, TJ Mihill, Geoff Termorshuizen. DragonCon App Link

Hacking 201

10:00 PM – Electronic Frontiers Track – Hilton 201

Q&A from our panel of experts; play “stump the hacker”! Brought to you by se2600.org. Additional Panelists: Elonka Dunin, jonny X(Moderator), emptyset. DragonCon App Link

Monday, September 1

Ignite Skepticism!

10:00 AM – Skeptrack – Hilton 204-207

Come enjoy a fast paced session of short, passionate, presentations given by dedicated skeptics of all stripes. Presenters include: Pamela Gay, Vandy Beth Glenn, Mandisa Thomas, Ani Aharonian, Loren Collins, Ben Blanchard, Angie Mattke. DragonCon App Link or Lanyrd Link

Wrap-Up & Feedback

2:30 PM – Skeptrack – Hilton 204-207

A discussion about the past weekend. Panel includes Barbara Drescher, Margaret Downey, Ben Radford. DragonCon App Link or Lanyrd Link

That’s a pretty busy schedule for me, but of course I’ll be around the convention attending other events as well.  Again, be sure to come up and say hello!

Update August 23: If you’re not a Smartphone user, the pocket program is online as a PDF. There’s also a version with just the schedule grid pullout.