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Credibility Cues on Skeptic Web Sites

Simon Singh at TAM London

Simon Singh lecturing at TAM London 2009, by Gaius Cornelius and courtesy Wikipedia.

One of the core topics of this blog is misinformation on the web. Bad science, false statements and other forms of misinformation is what unifies all the diverse topics that skeptics cover. How do you know whether to believe something you read online?

A consulting firm here in Atlanta recently surveyed several hundred people and found that 65% of Americans believe content they find on the web is “hit or miss” or unreliable. That doesn’t surprise me. It is certainly explains why so many anti-misinformation tools are being developed.

The flip side of this, of course, is why should anyone believe what skeptics are telling them about misinformation? If two sites tell you opposite things, how do you decide which one is correct?

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