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Search engine optimization is another thing chiropractors get wrong

Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a key role in the battle between skeptics and alternative medicine. Ensuring that good skeptical material ranks highly for popular relevant search terms is an important form of outreach to people who know nothing about what science says on skeptical topics.

Yesterday I became aware of an article on this topic written by a chiropractor. I was alerted to this by the editor of the excellent EBM First website, who goes by the moniker Blue Wode. He characterized it as an attempt at a “dirty trick” but it immediately struck me as a misguided waste of time.

With a little applied skepticism, you’ll see why I thought this. Read on.

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Skeptics! Load your google bombs!

There’s an important task we need all skeptics to perform this week. It is to help one of our own and to help the movement. Please read on for instructions on what to do, but let me explain the technology behind this first.

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