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Google Knowledge Graph benefits from skeptic Wikipedia efforts

Last week Google introduced a new feature to their flagship search product, which is called Google Knowledge Graph. I believe it has only rolled out for users in the United States so far, so you may not see it if you live elsewhere, yet.

There are several interesting aspects of Knowledge Graph, and I encourage you to read more about it. The technology behind modern search engines is surprisingly complex, and this is the latest advancement.

But one of the main user-visible features of this product is a panel that you will see on the right side of many search results. This panel shows a summary of what Google believes you are looking for.  The aim is that many times the answer you seek will be right there on the results page.

Because this new feature draws a great deal of information from Wikipedia, all the great effort by Susan Gerbic and the other skeptics who work on her skeptic Wikipedia project is now paying off in yet another big way.

Let’s look at a few quick examples…

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Content Roundup: August 2011

This blog is only one of the places I post content online regularly. Another is Twitter, which you see at the right. But I also post things at other blogs, on Wikipedia and elsewhere.

I’ve decided to do a monthly wrap-up post with links to the main things I’ve posted or created online in the previous month. If for some reason you haven’t gotten your fill of my nonsense lately, it’s a handy way to catch up with what I have been up to in the last 30 days or so.

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