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#TAM2012 In Memoriam slides

The Amaz!ng Meeting 2012 sponsored by the James Randi Educational Foundation is ongoing in Las Vegas as I type this. As I did for TAM8 and TAM9, I prepared a list of skeptics, scientists and other personalities relating to skepticism who died in the year since the last TAM.

This presentation remembering them ran each morning in the main room on Friday July 13 and Saturday July 14. Here it is:

Thanks in particular to Tim BingaSharon Hill, Natalie JaranJim Lippard, Daniel Loxton, Steven Novella, Lei Pinter, Martin Robbins and Rick Ross for their help in collecting this information and the photos you see.

#TAM2012 Skeptic Crowdsourcing Workshop links

The Amazing Meeting 2012 is underway as I type this. Yesterday I led a workshop called The Future of Skepticism Online: Crowd-sourced Activism. I talked about many of the topics you’ve seen here on this blog, such as Web of Trust, Wikipedia and so on.

Slides and video from that workshop will be posted sometime soon, but for folks who were attending, here are all the links that were mentioned during the workshop.

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#TAM2012 Guide: Wireless Internet connectivity at The Amazing Meeting (TAM)

Clear pricing on USB sticks updated to reflect July 1 sale.

Every year I do a post prior to the The Amazing Meeting that has some handy links and resources everyone can use to better enjoy the show.  I started with a very modest post about TAM7 with just a handful of links. I expanded that considerably for both TAM8 and TAM9, covering many aspects of having a good experience at the show.

This year for The Amazing Meeting 2012, I’ve got even more information collected for you. To keep it manageable (for both you and me) and to get you some key details earlier, I’m splitting my pre-show guide into at least two posts.

This post is all about wireless Internet connectivity while at the show. You need to know this earlier, because there are some options you might want to consider which involve renting a device and having it shipped to you, and naturally that needs to happen ASAP as there are less than two weeks to the show.

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Get free publicity, organization tools for your skeptic event via Lanyrd

Skeptics love to throw events. Today the Reason Rally in Washington, DC is kicking off a big year of events in the US, and there are two other big events next month. We love our events for good reason – they help build the community and foster interaction and discussion between skeptics. Indeed, it was attending TAM 5 in 2007 that led directly to my creation of What’s the Harm and this blog.

As any event organizer knows, you must relentlessly promote your event for it to be successful. If you listen to a selection of skeptic podcasts like I do, over the last few months you probably heard an ad or plug for QEDcon which was held in Manchester earlier this month. The Merseyside Skeptics who organized it did a terrific job of getting the word out.

I noticed one of the things they did was list their event in a London-based online service called Lanyrd. This web-based service, launched in 2010, is a social conference directory. That means it uses your social media connections to identify the speakers, attendees and staff at conferences. They are primarily oriented toward Twitter, which is appealing since there are several thousand skeptics who actively use that service. This month Lanyrd got some good coverage at South by Southwest (SXSW) where they provided some fantastic tools to attendees.

I think Lanyrd could be a great new tool for skeptics. Some more details on how to use Lanyrd to your advantage in the rest of this post.

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Digital Guide to The Amazing Meeting 9 (TAM9)

The thirteenth Amaz!ng Meeting is this weekend.1 For several years it has been the largest and most exciting event of its kind, and this year it has completely sold out and the main event hotel is full. Excitement about the event is at an all-time high. Because skepticism and skeptical activism is increasingly done via the Internet, and because the folks who are not attending are going to want to hear what is going on as it happens, it behooves us all to be well prepared for our digital needs at the show.

The purpose of this post is to be a clearinghouse for all things digital related to the meeting. I’ll show you how to get information you need about the show, how to get connected and stay connected once you are in Las Vegas, and more. I’ll provide links to a variety of resources online that will help.

Please note: in most cases I did not create the resources listed. Most were created or published by the JREF itself, other TAM9 attendees or JREF Forum users. Where possible I’ve also provided links where you can get in touch directly with the content creators.

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TAM6 Video: Building Internet Tools for Skeptics

This blog started in 2008 based on a talk that I gave at The Amaz!ng Meeting #6 in Las Vegas. The James Randi Educational Foundation has now posted the official video of my talk online, here it is:

An expanded “blogified” version of this presentation, with clickable screen shots is also available. You might want to open that in another window while you watch this.

This talk was part of the Paper Presentations given on Sunday at each TAM. Anyone can submit a proposal for one. Seeing some ordinary skeptics give presentations at TAM5 as part of this is what sparked my interest in getting involved in skepticism. If you have an idea for a presentation like this, submit a proposal for one to JREF. The deadline is May 15.

The Amazing Meeting 9 is less than 90 days away: July 14-17, 2011 in Las Vegas.

Digital Guide to The Amazing Meeting 8

The tenth Amaz!ng Meeting is this week.1 For several years it has been the largest and most exciting event of its kind. TAM 8 - July 8 to 11, 2010This year, because of the tremendous growth of the skeptic movement on the internet, it will no doubt also be the most digitally connected skeptic event to date. The purpose of this blog post is to be a clearinghouse for all things digital related to the meeting.

Please note: I only personally created one or two of these resources listed below. Most were created or published by other TAM8 attendees or JREF Forum users. Where possible I’ve also provided links where you can get in touch directly with the content creators.

On-Line Sources of Conference Info

There are a wide variety of sources of information about the show online, both official and unofficial. Since the conference is being put on by the James Randi Educational Foundation, their website has the most up-to-date official information. On-line registration ended June 30, but watch the blog on the main page for news updates, and you can review the list of guests and so on.

JREF Smartphone App

A big change this year is JREF is offering their own free smartphone app (a customized version of Follow Me by Core Apps) to help attendees access the latest information about the conference. If you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or an Android phone, you can download the app to your phone for free. It has a number of useful features.

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