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In Memoriam slides from TAM8

If you attended The Amazing Meeting 8 (TAM8) held by the James Randi Educational Foundation in Las Vegas this past July, you may have noticed two presentations that ran during the breaks, between the main speakers. These slides commemorated the folks related to the skeptic movement whom we have lost in 2009 and 2010.

The thought was to have something akin to the “In Memoriam” reel run on The Oscars and other similar awards shows. I had suggested this to Jeff Wagg a few months ago, and when he told me he thought it was a good idea, I started collecting names for the list. I put the slides together and gave them to Jeff, who ran them.

Many people probably missed them, so I thought I would post them here. There are two separate presentations, one for skeptics and one for “believers”. You can view them after the break…

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Digital Guide to The Amazing Meeting 8

The tenth Amaz!ng Meeting is this week.1 For several years it has been the largest and most exciting event of its kind. TAM 8 - July 8 to 11, 2010This year, because of the tremendous growth of the skeptic movement on the internet, it will no doubt also be the most digitally connected skeptic event to date. The purpose of this blog post is to be a clearinghouse for all things digital related to the meeting.

Please note: I only personally created one or two of these resources listed below. Most were created or published by other TAM8 attendees or JREF Forum users. Where possible I’ve also provided links where you can get in touch directly with the content creators.

On-Line Sources of Conference Info

There are a wide variety of sources of information about the show online, both official and unofficial. Since the conference is being put on by the James Randi Educational Foundation, their website has the most up-to-date official information. On-line registration ended June 30, but watch the blog on the main page for news updates, and you can review the list of guests and so on.

JREF Smartphone App

A big change this year is JREF is offering their own free smartphone app (a customized version of Follow Me by Core Apps) to help attendees access the latest information about the conference. If you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or an Android phone, you can download the app to your phone for free. It has a number of useful features.

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