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In Memoriam slides from TAM9

For the The Amazing Meeting 9 (TAM9) being held by the James Randi Educational Foundation in Las Vegas this weekend, I prepared two presentations to run during the breaks, between the main speakers. These slides commemorated the folks related to the skeptic movement whom we have lost in 2010 and 2011. (Between TAM8 and TAM9).

The thought was to have something akin to the “In Memoriam” reel run on The Oscars and other similar awards shows. We first did this last year at TAM8, after I suggested it to the organizers and volunteered to put it together.

Unfortunately the A/V guy let me down and never ran one set, and the other one ran during lunch on Saturday when few people were in the room. Also, of course, many other skeptics were unable to attend the event. So here they are. There are two separate presentations, one for skeptics and scientists and one for proponents of pseudoscience and the paranormal. You can view them after the break…

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Digital Guide to The Amazing Meeting 9 (TAM9)

The thirteenth Amaz!ng Meeting is this weekend.1 For several years it has been the largest and most exciting event of its kind, and this year it has completely sold out and the main event hotel is full. Excitement about the event is at an all-time high. Because skepticism and skeptical activism is increasingly done via the Internet, and because the folks who are not attending are going to want to hear what is going on as it happens, it behooves us all to be well prepared for our digital needs at the show.

The purpose of this post is to be a clearinghouse for all things digital related to the meeting. I’ll show you how to get information you need about the show, how to get connected and stay connected once you are in Las Vegas, and more. I’ll provide links to a variety of resources online that will help.

Please note: in most cases I did not create the resources listed. Most were created or published by the JREF itself, other TAM9 attendees or JREF Forum users. Where possible I’ve also provided links where you can get in touch directly with the content creators.

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